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    Active Charcoal + Shea Butter Bar


    ‘Nourish’ is a Shea Butter Bar that smells heavenly and feels luxurious on your skin. It gently removes surface build up and dirt without stripping the skin of natural oils. Its rich creamy texture spreads the charcoal powder onto your skin allowing it to get into the pores to draw out impurities. Shea butter is rich in natural vitamins and fatty acids effectively nourishing and moisturising the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • Active Charcoal + Sea Salt Crystals


    ‘Soak’ contains activated charcoal, which has been used for centuries in asia as a healing property. Charcoal is known to be effective for people with skin disorders such as eczema, skin irritations, atopic dermatitis, infection, and inflammations. The combination of activated charcoal and sea salt, effectively absorbs toxins, improves skin appearance, relieves fatigue and recharges the body. Infused with natural coconut and lotus flower oils these gentle crystals will relax the body and soak away impurities from the skin.

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  • Active Charcoal + Sugar Face Polish


    ‘Polish’ is an invigorating duel action facial scrub. It works double time to detox and smooth the skin. The naturally purifying Activated Charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. With a base of soft Sugar and soothing Coconut Oil and Lime, the exfoliating Polish helps to buff and smooth skin while providing added moisture, softness and clarity. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • Active Charcoal + Sugar Body Scrub


    ‘Scrub’ is a luxurious exfoliating body scrub that detoxify’s  and smoothes the body. Scrub away old skin cells and stimulate microcirculation using the naturally purifying Activated Charcoal. This invigorating charcoal body scrub helps to remove impurities and soften skin for a deeply cleansed feel. With a base of gentle Sugar and soothing Coconut Oil and Orange Blossom, the exfoliating Scrub helps to polish and smooth skin while providing added moisture, softness and clarity. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • Lotus Infused Hand Poured Soy Candle


    ‘Relax’ has been created with a lush, summer scent you’re going to love. Inspired by the ocean breeze of the South Coast. The Lotus infused soy candle has light tropical ascents of Orange Blossom and Coconut energizing and uplifting your space.

    Each Lotus infused soy candle is hand poured into a stylish black glass. Complimented with a natural wood lid which reveals it’s tropical scent ensuring a truly sacred and calming experience.

    The Lotus infusion symbolises new beginnings – “A Lotus flower rises from the mud, blooms out of darkness and radiates into the world.”

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    Vegan Lip Balm


    ‘Hydrate’ is our premium nourishing Vegan Lip Balm that glides onto your lips. Long lasting, this lip balm is smooth and luxurious. It contains Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Candellila Wax (instead of beeswax), Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils and Vitamin E. It also features the oils and benefits of blueberries and passionfruit.

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